Every good design tells a story and every good designer has a story to tell. Mine begins like any other kid who, at the age of two, discovers crayons and never wants to put them away. In time, the crayons wore down and I pursued graphic design as a way to continue to create narrative.  


After earning a BFA in Communication Design, I held art director positions in both advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. Eventually, I combined my passion for communicating stories and a curiosity for  marketing by earning an MBA. My business and design skills led me to positions at Citigroup where I not only developed new credit card products and promotional programs, but I directed the advertising agencies on the development of the creative materials used as marketing support.  

So, now I've come full circle, back to design and the creative process- the places where my true passions lie. And with this circle of experience, I can also be a sounding board or provide help for any phase of your marketing plan and execution.


When you hire me, you hire a partner - someone who has a lot of enthusiasm for marketing and design, and is dedicated to sharing in your success.


Now let me tell your story…