Cookbook and Manuals

Harlem Children's Zone

Re-design for Harlem Children's Zone Cookbook, Participant Manual and Coach's Manual. Harlem Children's Zone is a non-profit organization based in New York City. Its mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by creating programs and opportunities for children, families, and the community to enable them to thrive in all areas of life.


Purpose: Teaching tools to educate the users about a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, exercise and sleep habits.


This was the first re-design of any materials following the organization's re-branding initiative. Re-design included developing a design template that would incorporate the new color scheme, font, logo and imagery to be used for all current and future workbooks.

J-Teen Leadership

Design and execution for J-Teen Leadership Guide, J-Teen Leadership is a non-profit organization based in Westchester County. Its mission is to provide community service opportunities and leadership development for Jewish high school teens from all backgrounds and affiliations who want to make a difference in the world today.


Purpose: Teaching tool to educate the Leadership Circle leaders about how to plan projects, lead meetings, provide advocacy, and perform outreach to potential new teen members.


This was the first printed manual designed and produced for the organization.